Friday, February 27, 2009

Joel Osteen

For some real Joel Osteen is a very popular internet search today?

I remember first hearing about him when I was watching 60 Minutes on tv. Apparently he and his preaching and his ministry has become very popular but he was also getting some criticism as well. Apparently some though that his preaching sermons were not related to God.

Personally I have listened to some of his sermons and they have brought quite a bit of comfort to me. There have been times when problems are weighing heavily on my shoulders and his sermon will be related to something like this.

I remember about one of his sermons in particular about not holding grudges against other people which made a lot of sense to me!

I also remember one particular time when the show TMZ was taking pictures of him while he and his wife were checking into their hotel and I was very impressed with the fact that Mr. Osteen didn't let them get to him - very impressive!

So for right now I don't have a problem with Joel Osteen! His sermons have provided very helpful and inspiring and very motivationally inspiration to me and I will continue to watch his programs and listen to his sermons.

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