Saturday, February 26, 2011

Here Is My Law Of Attraction Story For Today!

Here is my law of attraction story for today!

If you have been reading my blog then you know that I am struggling financially. Well today I was able to walk to the nearest food bank. It was cold and it was a long walk but I reasoned that at least I would be able to have some more food in my pantry so that was the main reason that I decided to walk there.

As I was walking I reminded myself of all the things that I had to be grateful for. For one thing most of the snow had melted so it felt really great not to be able to have to dodge ice and snow while walking.

I was also grateful for the fact that I would be able to get some free food!

As I was walking and thinking about the things that I was grateful for my feet began to hurt and I was thinking (and feeling about how nice it would be to be back home in my nice warm house. I figured that I would soon get back home soon enough and I continued my trek to the food bank.

Once I got there I saw a neighbor who was being given a ride to the food bank and then being given a ride home. I asked the neighbor if I could ride back with them since me and the neighbor lived so close. Unfortunately the person giving the ride said that they had to leave right away. I was a little bit sad but I thanked them anyway. And went to stand in line at the food bank. Once I got back outside I noticed that my neighbor and the driver were still outside and what's more they were looking for me specifically - because they decided to take me back with them!

I really do believe that this was the law of attraction working for me today as I wanted so much to be at home!

So that is my law of attraction story for today!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manifesting A Billion Dollars!

I have been doing some searching online trying to find advice and articles about manifesting a billion dollars. Yes you heard me right! I want to manifest a billion dollars and I want it to manifest now!

I really do need a miracle in my life right now and I just can't believe that the Universe, God wouldn't want me to have something that I really want.

I have read countless online articles and basically they generally said that you can manifest almost anything in your life as long as you believe and have faith in it. I was at a very interesting website full of comments about how when people "threw in the towel" what they wanted manifested!

So maybe I'm trying too hard, putting resistance in my way and I know that I'm supposed to keep my vibrations up and continue to feel the feelings of having it now. What it looks like is that I seem to be the one standing in my own way.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The "Impossible" Just May Be Possible!

Time and time again, if you look at history, people who have produced phenomenal results are those that have set goals that everyone else thought was unrealistic and even crazy.

So hopefully this will mean that the goal(s) that I have set are not as impossible as I might think!