Saturday, September 12, 2009


I found a very inspiring article online about gratitude so I have decided to list some of the things that I am grateful for. (If I listed all of the things that I have to be grateful for I think I would tire myself out because I think that this list would be endless!

Here are 5 things that I am grateful for!

  • I managed to get my home off of a pending foreclosure sale!
    Boy was that scary! My house was scheduled to be foreclosed on this month and I was just worrying myself sick! Like all the advice has said I decided to take action and turn my fear into curiosity and I called around to find out what I could do to get my home out of foreclosure! The money that was due was for property tax foreclosure and I was hearing stories from my neighbors that you either had to pay up or lose your home to foreclosure! I called around and found out (to make a long story short) that I could make payment arrangements to pay the property taxes in installments and that is what I am in the process of doing now!

    Do you know how GOOD it feels to get your house out of foreclosure!

  • I had popcorn (and watched a movie) for dinner tonight! Don't get me wrong I do have some other food in my kitchen but tonight I just felt like having some popcorn and watching a movie.

    There have been times when I had no food to eat so I am very grateful for the food that I do have!

  • I am very grateful for my home! My next door neighbor had a fire scare and the firemen were there and there seems to be a lot of inside damage to their house and I know that getting it repaired is going to cost them a lot of money! I already know that they have contractors working on their home now.

  • I am very grateful that I have a computer at home and am able to be online! I know that there are some that don't even have a computer in their home and I was reminded of this when I saw some people at the library. Having my own computer at home means that I can work on it any time of the day and night!

  • I'm very grateful for my family. My parents have passed on but I still have my brother and we talk a lot on the phone.

So there is a partial of my gratitude list.

So what are YOU grateful for today?

Gratitude Is The Key To Happiness