Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Christmas Magic"

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

Norman Vincent Peale, 1898-1993

American Preacher and Author of

"The Power of Positive Thinking"

I saw this quote from the Self Improvement website and I just had to post about it here.

Have you noticed that during the Christmas holidays there does seem to be a kind of magic in the air? People are nicer and in a good mood. They are more kind and more helpful and have a more cheery attitude.

Of course all the Christmas decorations and music does help but I do believe the above quote to be true!

I had a very nice time celebrating my Christmas and I hope that you did too!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Thanksgiving Was Great!

I vowed to have a Thanksgiving turkey and I did!

I went shopping the day before Thanksgiving and was able to buy a fresh turkey for $16!

I spent Thanksgiving morning preparing my turkey and watching the (Philadelphia Thanksgiving) parade on tv!

It just goes to show you that the power of being able to do something is within all of us!

I also took the day to reflect on all of the things that I am grateful for! I have been reading posts from people who said that they were having other things on Thanksgiving and that just made my resolve more determined to have turkey for Thanksgiving!

Yes, I have a LOT to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Please Remember To Celebrate Thanksgiving This Year

I have so many things to be thankful and grateful for! I had come to realize this when I was reading posts from others about what they were going to have for Thanksgiving dinner. A lot of people said that they were going to have noodles (that's all that they have and /or could afford) and / or something other than turkey.

Unfortunately I VOW to have a turkey this year! At the very best I will have spent the amount of money necessary to get a free turkey at my local supermarket and at the very worse I'll just buy a turkey - hopefully for around $10! But I am adamant about this though! One of the greatest pleasures that I have on Thanksgiving is preparing the turkey as I watch my local Thanksgiving parade on TV.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Days Are Getting Colder!

I can tell by how colder it feels in the house!

For right now I am very grateful that my heating is working. I remember the house being as cold as 55 degrees when the heater wasn't working! Fortunately I was able to get a new heating system with the help of a government grant!

I am kind of concerned about the heating bill though because the price rises during the colder months and it's just starting to be the colder months now!

I try to do all the things to help save money on my heating bill. I have a programmable thermostat and I currently have the temperature set at 65 degrees.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Seems A Lot Of People Want To Be Able To Work From Home

I work from home but it is not an easy road!

What comforts me are all the great pieces of advice that I have seen and heard!

  • taking one day at a time

  • making the most of now and today!

So far I have made money designing websites for others, Adsense and finding and researching other information for people.

I'm not taking part in one of those get rich quick kind of things.

I'm doing the kind of work that I love and that is working on the computer.

I mention this because I see so many people that want to be able to work from home and I think the best way to do that is to take something that you love to do and turn it into a business that you can work from home!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Following Your Heart

Here is a recent article that I read and I think that it gives some very good advice!

"You know how it feels when you truly follow your heart. Every inch of your body -- the very fabric of your soul -- feels alive. And even if your head is telling you no, you do it anyway because something bigger, something more primal, is telling you yes.

"You know when you are following your heart because it will feel right even if your mind is uncomfortable," says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates. "You will feel an openness and aliveness as you follow what is true for you."

Now, when's the last time you followed that feeling? Really threw caution to the wind and went full speed ahead for an opportunity, relationship, or experience that made you tingle with excitement? Been awhile?

For most adults, the answer is yes. As kids, though, we did it all the time.

People believe in beings in their youth like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny not because it really made sense, but because it felt right to their hearts. We have probably all made pledges to remain "best friends forever" not because we thought it out, but because we felt it should be so. And we caught fireflies, had lemonade stands, and played endless hours of tag...not because we thought we should, but because we couldn't imagine life without it.

As we grow older, though, our heads often get in the way. They're filled with "reasons we shouldn't," "things that could go wrong," or "more important things to do." And, perhaps worst of all, they become very susceptible to the opinions of others, including those of society.

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

This is the question you need to ask yourself. Whose life is it that you are living?

Think a moment before you answer. Are you working in a job that makes sense or that you love? Do you surround yourself with people who you should associate with, or those that you adore? And are you living your life the way that you want to, or the way that someone else -- your parents, your spouse, society -- wants you to?

If you can't answer the original question with a heartfelt "MINE!" then you got to this article just in time. What follows is the secret to living YOUR life YOUR way.

Learning to Follow Your Heart

Following your heart is a two-step process. The first step is letting go of your need for approval. This opens the door to things like splashing barefoot through a fountain, giggling at completely inappropriate times, and striking up conversations with total strangers. Because, you see, once you stop caring about what other people think of you, you start caring about what you really want to do.

The second step of the process, then, is learning what it is you truly want. This can be tricky because society conditions us to want certain things (from material possessions to life arrangements). In reality, you may want none of those, or you may want them all. Either way is fine; the key is to notice and realize what your heart is telling you. If you listen, you can do no wrong.

"If you are feeling some doubt it does not mean that the message should not be trusted," Dwoskin says. "It simply means that it is time to let go. When you are wondering whether or not a message is coming from your heart simply let go.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We All Need A Little Help From Time To Time.....

It would really be great if we could always be self-sufficient but this just doesn't happen to everyone all of the time!

I do believe that we all need a little help from time to time. It doesn't necessarily have to mean financial help either! Even those who are wealthy (although you may find that hard to believe) may need a little help from time to time - even if its just someone to talk to!

I know that a lot of people let their pride or ego get in the way - and that includes me too!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Regret Being A CareGiver To My Mother.

Two years ago my mother passed away - even though it seems like it hasn't been that long!

My mother became very ill during the last few years of her life! Sometimes I wonder how we were able to make it day by day but I believe that God was there all the time!

For a time while my mother was sick, I worked outside the home at my local supermarket. But I got fired - they told me it was because I was too slow. I was so angry about this! But as time went on I realized that it was their loss and not mine!

Of course this didn't answer the question about how the financial problems were going to be solved though. I had had it with working for someone else so I decided to make a go of it by working at home. This was a blessing in more ways than one because it meant that I could keep an eye on my mother while still continuing to work.

While I did not make a lot of money, I did managed to make some money and that just felt so good! It also showed me that it was possible to be able to work from home!

My mother and I got by the best way that we could and we even managed to throw in some humor from some of it!

My mother is in a better place right now and since she hasn't haunted me I hope that means that she thinks that I am doing okay!

It's not easy being a caregiver - especially when its a loved one that's involved - but I don't regret doing it! It made my mother and I become quite close!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Is Your Passion!

What is your passion?

What is it that you LOVE to do?

I heard this quote that said "Do what you love and the money will follow"

What is my passion? My passion is working on the computer. I could do it day and night - and I have!

How can I make money with my passion? Well in some ways I already have! I have earned money designing websites for others. I have also earned money designing business card and I have also made money doing some research for people who were looking for information. I have also made money with Google's Adsense program. So I have actually earned money doing what I love to do! (Just have to earn enough of it!

You may have a passion for something but may not think that you could make any money pursuing it. You should keep this in mind - whatever it is that you love to do and want to start a business doing it there is already someone out there who is doing it (or something close to it) now.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Work At Home" Scams!

I realize that there are a lot of people who would love to be able to work from home!

And to be quite honest there are quite a number of people that do work from home - legitimately and successfully!

It is not impossible to be able to work from home! I do it and so do a lot of other people but I really have to warn you about all these work at home scams. There are a lot of them out there and they look very attractive and enticing! One of the best things that I can recommend is that you first check with the Better Business Bureau before you decide to work with any of these companies!

How do people work at home then? Like me for instance I have Adsense ads here on this blog and they are earning me some money! I have also done websites for other people and I have done some consulting as well! While I am not an Adsense millionaire yet, I plan to be one and it is part of my mission statement!

The name of this blog is "Doing What I Love" and since one of the things that I love to do is to work on my computer, the fact that I have made some money while working on my computer proves to me that this is something that can be done!

While I am not debt-free yet and sometimes have gone without food!.........I don't want to dwell on the negative! The fact that I have actually earned money while working on my computer is positive news enough!

However this post is about "Working At Home" scams - that is what I originally wanted to talk about! I know that they may seem attractive but like I posted above check with the BBB first before you send any money to any of these places!

So how can you work at home? Take something that you love to do and turn that into a business! Even Donald Trump has said this!

Like I said before one of the things that I love to do is working on my computer! I have successfully managed to get actual paying clients - something that I'm proud of (and actually shocked by!) - mostly by designing websites for them. What a thrill to actually be able to be self-employed! Now I am working on my mission statement - that you can see on the side of this blog!

I know it may be hard for you to believe that you could take something that you love and be able to turn it into a business but you would be surprised at the number of people who have done this! I recommend that you read this blog, Working From Home, that has a lot of interesting blog posts about being able to work from home!

For me it's back to work.....................................

Want To Start Making Money From Home? Start A Blog!

One way to make money online (and legitimately I might add!) is to start a blog and add Adsense ads to it! That is what I am doing with this blog!

Adsense is a program where you add ads to your website or blog and when visitors to your site click on those ads you then earn money! How much money you earn is going to depend on a few things but according to The Adsense Consultant one of the determining factors of how much money you make with adsense will depend on the content of your site. You see advertisers will pay higher amounts for certain content and the higher the advertisers' pay, the more money you will earn with adsense.

Here is a link to a blog post about how much money some people have been making with adsense! I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that there have been a few Adsense Millionaires out there!

But the point that I want to make is that if you are at home and you have a computer and access to the Internet and you want to start making money from home that you should start a blog and add Adsense ads to it. I firmly believe that you can have a good blog about something that is relevent to you and / or something that you are passionate about and still be able to have adsense ads on it and it still be a legitimate blog!

To find out more about Google's Adsense program, just visit
The Adsense Consultant's Blog.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Instead of being jealous, I am very happy for him!

I have a brother who is a veteran! He gets more money per month than I do! Since he has a number of disabilities he also gets a disability check!

I used to be jealous of that because he was getting more money than I was per month and I was working at the time!

Like I mentioned before, he has had some serious health issues that he has to deal with!

I'm actually happen that he has managed to live a fairly good life. For a long time he was a drug user!

But now he has settled down - his health actually has made it necessary for him to slow down and take it easy. He is starting to eat more healthy foods now and he is also starting to get into religion!

I know that some people may put the Veteran's Administration down but they have helped my brother to be able to live a better life!

I know that there is a lot of paperwork and red tape involved when one is trying to get benefits from the government but it is well worth it and if you are entitled to these government benefits then you should definitely apply for them!

Working From Home?

I have noticed that a lot of people would like to be able to work from home! It may not be as impossible as one thinks!

So many people have posted about how hard it is for them to find a job or because of an illness they are not able to be able to hold on to a job for long!

My last job I got fired for being too slow! I was quite angry about that for a while until I heard different pieces of advice. Oh well, firing me is their loss and not mine!

Also at the time my mother was very ill and I was taking care of and watching over her.

My mother has since passed away and I am very proud that I gave her the best funeral that I could!

All the things that have recently happened to me in my life revolve around me and my home. I take this as a sign that what I really dream of doing - which is working from home is possible!

I have earned money before from working at home. I have been paid for creating websites for other people and more recently I have discovered Google's Adsense program which lets you earn money by placing ads on one's site.

I haven't made $1 Million Dollars yet but that is now part of my mission statement. Sometimes I haven't had enough money for food but recently I have found a site that has helped me by providing donations of money for food! I can't tell you how welcoming that is and how grateful I am for them!

So I have actually made money working from home - and I have been able to earn that money legitimately. So it is possible to be able to make money from home.

You can start like me and start a blog or website and then add Google's Adsense ads to your site - at least that will be a start.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Mission Statement!

I got this idea from Bishop TD Jakes! He said that people go through their lives without having a mission or a purpose. I have always wanted to be finacially wealthy but I never thought of putting or writing it down as my mission. But I have done that now!

It is my mission to have at least $1 Million Dollars in my bank account and I would be living off the interest!

Achieving this goal will allow me to continue to do the work that I love which is working on the computer!

What Is It That I LOVE To Do?

What I LOVE doing is working on the computer! That is one of the things that I love to do!

If I could spend all of my time on the computer it would be just great! Although I know that there are other things that have to be done like shopping for food and doing my laundry and paying my bills!

One way that I can make money and combine it with my love of working on my computer is with Google's Adsense program! This program lets you put ads on your site and when people click on the ads you earn money! I have gotten a lot of valuable information about this program from The Adsense Consultant's Blog. If you are curious as to how much money people have been making with the adsense program, just click here.

Monday, September 1, 2008

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