Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Law Of Attraction And Getting Out Of Debt?

If you're like me then there may be times when you worry about your bills and not having any money. You feel sad and depressed and maybe even a little bit angry! I was feeling this way myself and then I happened upon this online blog post:

How do I manifest money when I’m so worried about being in debt?

Q: Dear Anisa,

“I’m currently part time. I was in college but quit after I found out it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I have about $20,000 in debt and $960 on my credit card. I’m panicking because I really don’t know how I’m going to pay it all off! Which is why I was looking for ways to manifest hoping it would help me in some way. So, I suppose that is my questions. I’m tired of having money problems. I would just love to finally be able to enjoy my life and not worry about being broke. What would you recommend i do to manifest wealth and prosperity? ” –Thank you

The answer given was something that I have seen many times but still it seems that I have to be reminded of it and that is why I think the law of attraction led me to the blog site and that particular entry.

In a nutshell the advice is to not think of yourself as having a lack of money but to think of yourself as having an abundance of money!

To read the complete answer just click Anisa's blog entry here

Monday, June 1, 2009



Hope is the physician

of each misery


Have you ever felt really bad?

I came upon this quote in my email today and I thought that I would pass it along to you! So many people are feeling so terrible, bad, depressed and frustrated - and that includes me too! - that sometimes one doesn't know where to turn!

I interpret the above quote to mean that no matter how bad one is feeling that one should always feel hope!


With God

All Things Are Possible!


I was listening to a speech by Dr. Wayne Dyer and the above is what he said!

What it means to me is exactly what it says which is "All things are possible!"

No matter what it is that you are going through please remember that there is hope! I have read and seen on tv about the many miracles that have been happening around the world! It's not just bad news out there but some good ones too! Like the woman who was able to stop the foreclosure of her home because she put up a web site and got enough in donations to save her home from foreclosure! I believe that one can classify that as a miracle!

So no matter what it is you are going through, please remember not to give up hope!

Very good advice indeed! And one that I should remember myself!