Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Am Having Such A Bad Day Today!

I am feeling so angry and so frustrated today because I don't have what I want!

I know that my mood has a lot to do with it but I am just so sick of things not going my way!

I do know that at times like this you are suppose to stop and remember what you are grateful for so here is my list for today.

  • I'm grateful to still have a roof over my head!

  • I am so very greatful for my pet who provides me with joy and laughter

  • I'm grateful for the food that I have - I actually have meat for a change.

  • I'm grateful for my health which is good

  • I'm just grateful to be alive and breathing because so many people are having health problems and need some medical help. I just try not to get sick and even when I do get sick I try to not get too sick and just get better as soon as I can!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Homeless To Being A Millionaire!

It's always good to find inspirational stories about people who are able to make it through life.

I found a very inspiring online article about a man who was homeless but who went on to become a millionaire!

It's a very inspiring story because this person's past included drug addiction, and being in trouble with the law but he still managed to become a millionaire (which is something that I also aspire to).

It also has some sad parts to it too including people who take advantage of you and about losing your faith and getting it back again.

It also shows why he thought that even though this was a terrible time in his life he thought that it was the best possible thing that could have happened to him.

To read this inspiring story just click below:

My First Million Dollars!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Time For Another Gratitude List

I have been feeling very down and depressed lately and all of the things that I have read about the law of attraction say that when you are feeling this way then it's time to think about things that you are grateful for.

So here is my gratitude list for today:

  • I'm grateful that I still have a roof over my head. Even though I'm having problems being able to keep my house as of this present moment it is still my house.

  • I'm grateful for my cat. He is such wonderful company

  • I'm grateful that I have catfood for my cat! It got kind of "iffy" there for a while as far as the catfood was concerned but I got so determined that my cat was going to have food that a way was made - so now my cat has food

  • I'm grateful for the food that I have! There has been a time or two when my cat and I shared a can of tuna but today we both have food - which I'm very grateful for.

  • Again I am just glad to be alive. I think about others whose life is more worse than mine and I realize that I have a lot of things to be grateful for!