Thursday, February 10, 2011

Manifesting A Billion Dollars!

I have been doing some searching online trying to find advice and articles about manifesting a billion dollars. Yes you heard me right! I want to manifest a billion dollars and I want it to manifest now!

I really do need a miracle in my life right now and I just can't believe that the Universe, God wouldn't want me to have something that I really want.

I have read countless online articles and basically they generally said that you can manifest almost anything in your life as long as you believe and have faith in it. I was at a very interesting website full of comments about how when people "threw in the towel" what they wanted manifested!

So maybe I'm trying too hard, putting resistance in my way and I know that I'm supposed to keep my vibrations up and continue to feel the feelings of having it now. What it looks like is that I seem to be the one standing in my own way.

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