Sunday, September 7, 2008

Instead of being jealous, I am very happy for him!

I have a brother who is a veteran! He gets more money per month than I do! Since he has a number of disabilities he also gets a disability check!

I used to be jealous of that because he was getting more money than I was per month and I was working at the time!

Like I mentioned before, he has had some serious health issues that he has to deal with!

I'm actually happen that he has managed to live a fairly good life. For a long time he was a drug user!

But now he has settled down - his health actually has made it necessary for him to slow down and take it easy. He is starting to eat more healthy foods now and he is also starting to get into religion!

I know that some people may put the Veteran's Administration down but they have helped my brother to be able to live a better life!

I know that there is a lot of paperwork and red tape involved when one is trying to get benefits from the government but it is well worth it and if you are entitled to these government benefits then you should definitely apply for them!

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