Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Am SO Mad I Could Spit!

I won't go into detail but I was expecting some money from somewhere and I haven't even received it yet! I put my request in last month and I STILL haven't received it yet! Apparently there seems to be a problem with processing the money BUT yet and still I see that the site is announcing their newest blog post but they haven't said anything about the progress of the processing problem!. This makes me so mad! and frustrated!

Very strong emotions! And I firmly believe that one can worry so much that it can actually make one's self ill!

I have emailed this site numerously and have gotten some replies back - but none of those replies has resulted in me getting my money yet! And what makes it hurt even more is that they have been helping other members financially - even those that have become members after me!

I just do not believe that this is fair in the least and I continue to try and find out why it is taking so long for me to receive my money! But it seems like the harder I try, the more frustrated I get and the less results I get! I think that it is horrible to be holding someone's money and not release it to them!

This is something that I just HAD to vent about! I read online about people having problems both financially and spiritually and when I reply to them I tell them to not give up hope and to keep trying and to keep on keeping on - and this is now the advice that I have to follow myself!

I'm still not going to give up though but I sorely needed to vent my anger and frustration somewhere! I do feel a little bit better now!


Rayhawk said...

I understand your frustration. I do think there probably should have been better information given to the mods to bring to the forum so there would be a clear picture of what is going on.

I am a volunteer forum moderator there and I have tried to bring as much information as I could get so members would know what is going on but could only give what is shared with me and unfortunately I was just as lost as the rest of you. At one time I had good communication with the team but I really don't anymore and that leaves me with an odd sense of loss.

The team is very small, that is probably some of the reason for inadequate member support. They are still a new site though so I forgive the developmental delays.

I wish I worked there. I do believe in the concept and would love to be a part of the team. I think I would like to be part of the member communications team.

Martina said...

Well its been over a year since I posted and you commented. Time does really go by fast.

I'm learning to be more patient and to have more gratitude in my life and now I look at this as not a problem but an opportunity. It still hasn't been solved yet but that just means that I will have to work a little harder at solving it.

So the resolution continues.....I haven't given up!