Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thank You God! Another Small Miracle Has Occurred!

I am oh so very grateful today!

I got a notice of a water shut-off on Wednesday and yesterday I got the good news that I was to be given a small grant to help towards making a payment! This payment will suspend my shut off notice!

This wasn't a government grant though. The money / grant that I got was from a small organization that helps with small payments towards one's utility bill. I found them in the yellow pages!

All I had to do was fax them a copy of my shut-off notice - which I did. The shut off notice was reviewed by them and I got the call yesterday that they contacted my water company and made arrangements with them and that they will be sending a payment to them!

Now this doesn't get me off the hook for the total amount due of the water bill. The organization paid a portion which was just enough to stop them shutting off my water! And for this I am very grateful to that organization!

I am now on a payment plan with my water company!

So I hope this goes to show those who may be in a similar situation that miracles do come true and they do happen!


Rayhawk said...

Glad to hear the news! I wish we had some place like that. Here you have to jump through lots of hoops with the right documentation to get any kind of help with your utilities. I don't get any help because my shelter expenses can't be counted since the house is not in my name and the mortgage company won't recognize me as financially responsible.

Martina said...

I guess my situation is a little bit different in that I do own my own home - it was left to me by my mother. But I am sure that there may be some place that could help you.

I really do hate mortgage companies and one of my dreams is to own this home free and clear! Something that I am working on to achieve.

Well the organization made a payment to my water company and now I am on an installment plan to pay back the back balance due and I made my first installment payment this week!