Saturday, July 11, 2009

What Is Adsense?

Someone asked me about the Adsense program. They are very interested to work from home and they mentioned that they were not making enough money using paid-to-click sites to cash out.

I sent them a comment that I use Google's Adsense program and the money that I have earned from it has helped me a lot! Even though I'm not an Adsense millionaire today doesn't mean that I won't be one tomorrow! But the money that I have earned so far has helped me to pay some of my bills - especially my Internet service - and to buy food!

So what is the Adsense program? It is a program where you place ads on your website or blog and you get earn money everytime those ads are clicked legitimately. How much do you earn for each click? Well that is going to depend on the subject matter of your site. You see the ads that appear on your site are determined by what words appear on your site. For instance if your website is about computers then your ads are more likely to be about computers.

How much can you make using the Adsense program? Well a lot of that is going to depend on you but here is a link to a blog post about just how much money some people have been making with the Adsense program.

What does it take to belong to Google's Adsense program? First you have to sign up and join. The Adsense site is located here. You will also have to give them information like your social security number. The reason for that is because if you earn over a certain amount yearly (for now I think its $400 - $600), Adsense (and you) have to report it! It is the law.

You will also have to provide them with a link to your website or blog so that it can be reviewed and approved. Once approved you can then go through the steps of picking out how you want your ad to look.

Once you have added the ads to your site you can check in with your account to see how much money you have earned so far. The rule is that you must earn at least $100 during the month before Adsense will issue you a payment either in regular check form or by bank deposit / EFT.

Like I said before this money has definitely come in handy and you should know that there are already some Adsense Millionaires out there!

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