Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have been doing some checking online and found out that Amazon does not let one pay via Paypal. I kind of thought that was hard to believe!

It seems that considers Paypal a competitor and will not let people pay for their items with their Paypal accounts! A lot of people have expressed outrage at this and I really agree with them. A lot of them have said that since they can't use a Paypal option that they refuse to pay anything at all! I also agree with this!

Its hard enough trusting one company with your payment information like your bank account number and your social security number because you want to give out this information as little as possible!

Of course (from my understanding) you can still use a credit card or debit card to pay for your purchases on but there are still a lot of people who want to be able to use their Paypal accounts.

Even Ebay lets you make payments with your Paypal account - but not!

Update! - I just found out that the Barnes and Noble site DOES accept Paypal payments!


Rayhawk said...

Even Ebay lets you make payments with your Paypal account - but not!

That is because Ebay bought Paypal!

I have used Paypal since 2000 and I have used it for business purposes. For simply transactions it's great but for businesses it's terrible, but for non-profit organizations it's insane. I had to downgrade to personal to get away from the business and non-profit sections of Paypal, they locked my funds up on me for several weeks.

I don't blame any business or non-profit who refuses to use Paypal. Their fees are outrageous, I have filed complaints about their customer service...did you know the complaince department does not even talk to customers? You have to email only. No communication with the people who lock your funds until you comply with things many non-profits can't comply with. some more research into the non-profit department of will learn much more about why businesses and non-profits are refusing to use it.

Martina said...

Unfortunately just like I commented to you on my other blog, I just can't be logical and reasonable when it comes to money that is due me. - Especially when it is money that I want to use for food.