Thursday, July 2, 2009

What I Am Grateful For!

I have been feeling sad and angry lately so that means that its time for me to think about all the things that I am grateful for! I know that there are people who are much more worse off than me and I do have a lot of things to be grateful for.

In the past, the law of attraction has worked for me as far as being able to manifest small amounts of money but I think that when I want to manifest the most - I try too hard and I think that is the case now.

I did have the promise of some money being sent to me but for whatever reason it hasn't been sent yet - thus the reason for my feelings of anger and frustration. So its time to take a look at the things that I am grateful for.

I'm grateful for the food that I have! It may not be much but there had been a time when I actually had NO food! No bread, no crackers, no meat! There were times when water was my only meal and you know I was even grateful for that because it meant that I still had water!

I got some good news from legal aid! It seems that there is the possibility that my mortgage company was doing unfair mortgaging and they are looking into it further!

I got my monthly electric and heating bill and the amount due is $0 - I'm very grateful for that!

It's a gorgeous day outside and so nice for it being the beginning of the July 4 weekend. I have to admit that I am a bit of a hermit and enjoy working at my computer but I can hear what's going on by listening to my radio and tuning in to the local stations.

Yes I do have a lot to be grateful for and I do these gratitude lists when I'm feeling down and depressed. It's something that you may want to try yourself.


Rayhawk said...

Hi Martina, I'm sorry you haven't received the funds you were hoping for. I know how that feels. I dropped off $5 to your donation button. I hope it helps a wee bit.

Becky AKA Rayahwk

Martina said...

Thank you! That $5 went a long way (actually it was $4 and something minus the paypal fee-LOL!) - but what I did get - I made it last because I decided to make it last!

And to you personally - it helped more than just a wee bit!

Again thank you so much!